Formation of the Province of Trichy

St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

St.Montfort started three ReligiousCongregations for Fathers, Brothers & for Sisters. Bro.Dennis, Bro. John Baptist de la salle and Bro. Martin de vertou the Montfortian missionaries from Francelanded at Pondicherry on11th September 1903 and started technical education for the poorboys at Tindivanamthe very next year. In 1948 Province of India was createdwhich began its journey of mission expansion steadily.In 1967 Indian Province became three regions namely South, Centre and North. In 1975 the three regions became independent Provinces. In 1993 the South Province was bifurcatedinto two regions of Trichy and Yercaud the district of North East India remained with Yercaud region and in 1998 they became as independent Provinces including the District ofNorth East India. In 2007, the Province of Hyderabad and Pune came into existence with the bifurcation of the Province of Central India into Province of Hyderabad and the Province of Pune. In 2019 Trichy, Yercaud and Singapore, Malaysia Provinces along with their mission sectors were reorganized and became three independent Provinces, namely Trichy, Yercaud and Bangalore Provinces. In Trichy Province we have 20 Communities including Sri Lanka mission sector.We have 86 Brothers working in three countries namely India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. ‘God alone’ is our motto, ‘Glory to God’ is our philosophy and working for the poor school going children with conviction and commitment is our mission. May our blessed Mother lead us to her Son Jesus along with our founder St.Montfort so that we work for the spread of God’s Kingdom with the same enthusiasm and audacity Montfort and Fr. Gabriel Deshays. “Let our Life be our message we intent to preach”

“Let our Life be our message we intent to preach”